About Me

Hello!  Thank you for visiting my site.   I’m Mackenzie aka Mother Tucker.  Born and raised in the Northwest, I am bringing my eco-friendly, hippie ways to the ever-so-charming traditions of the South, as my beautiful family and I plant our roots in Tennessee.

Vegan, natural remedy obsessed mom, I am doing my best alongside my husband to raise our strong and beautiful daughter.

I live by the simple philosophy we should all be kind to one another, to ourselves, to animals, and to our planet.  It takes nothing from us to be compassionate, but it adds so much.

Former collegiate athlete turned has-been, I love staying active by running, hiking, and just getting outside with my family.  Nothing makes me happier than exploring a new trail or sinking my toes into the sand on a beach.  Nature has the power to remind us just how small we are!

Life is short.  So, I don’t take it or myself too seriously.  I love to laugh often, and The Office is my favorite TV show.  I’m not ashamed I have seen every episode too many times to count.  An Office reference fits in to just about any situation.

Overall, I like to focus on all the good in the world, and try my best to add to it.  Am I perfect?  No, “I have flaws. What are they?  I sing in the shower, sometimes I spend too much time volunteering, occasionally I hit somebody with my car.” (See?)

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Support one another and spread the love!