Hypnobabies- The Birth Pain Management Technique You Need

How hypnobabies worked for me

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Hypnobabies was hands-down the best product I found while pregnant.  I decided to give birth naturally, without interventions. Prior to my positive pregnancy test, a good friend of mine gave birth naturally and urged me to look into the benefits.

I took her advice and discovered the many benefits of turning down an epidural and the other interventions that come along with it. Women who give birth naturally tend to experience shorter labors, receive less emergency c-sections, and more easily establish a breastfeeding relationship than those who opt for an epidural.

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Though, sold on a natural birth, I was still concerned about labor and dealing with the pain.  So, I began to research natural pain relief techniques for labor.  That’s when I stumbled upon Hypnobabies.   Hypnobabies

What is Hypnobabies?

Another friend of mine raved about a hypnobirthing home course she used called Hypnobabies. Hypnobabies is a six-week home study hypnobirhting course.  If you are not familiar with hypnobirthing, it is the concept of instilling positivity and deep relaxation around birth through self-hypnosis. Unfortunately, our society believes birth is traumatic and something to fear.  Hypnobirth, however, reminds women our bodies are built to birth babies, and aims to remove the fear.

Why is it so important to remove fear around birth?  Fear activates our fight or flight response and causes our body to produce stress hormones.

These stress hormones send blood to our limbs instead of where it’s needed, our uterus. The lack of blood to our uterus causes uterine pain.  This makes labor more difficult and painful than it needs to be.  If women master relaxation and remain confident in their abilities, birth can be a positive experience.  Did you know women from countries that don’t see birth as a traumatic, painful event don’t experience painful labors and deliveries like we do?hypnobabies affirmations

Wait, Wait, Wait… Hypnosis? This has to be Fake, Right? How does it Work?

Wrong.  Hypnosis and Hypnobabies is one hundred percent real.  Hypnosis is really just a state of focused concentration.   Our brains are incredibly powerful, and 90 to 95% of people can be hypnotized.  Most likely you are one of those people.  In fact, you have probably experienced a state of hypnosis already today.

Have you ever gotten into your car after work, put your key in the ignition, backed out of the parking spot, and then the next thing you knew you were pulling into your driveway and you realized you don’t even remember the drive home?  You were in a state of hypnosis.

Or, how many times have you sat down on the couch, “turned off your brain,” and watched hours of trashy TV?  When you do that, you put yourself into a state of hypnosis, as well.  In fact, advertisers count on it.  When you are in a state of hypnosis you are extremely susceptible to new ideas.  Advertisers capitalize on this vulnerable state, and plant their products and catchy slogans deep in your brain.  Then when you are walking through the store and remember you need laundry detergent for some reason you decide you need to buy Tide and not the generic brand.  I’m sorry to tell you, you did not make that decision for yourself.

You’re probably thinking, but in both of those situations no one “hypnotized” me.  Well, I have a fun fact: all hypnosis is self hypnosis.  No one actually hypnotizes us. Someone can guide us into hypnosis, but really it’s up to us.  That’s why if you wanted to stay alert and focused on your commute home you can.  Or, if you decide not to “shut your brain off” while watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians you don’t have to.  Also, contrary to popular belief, strong-willed people are ones who have the most success with hypnosis, because they possess the ability to really focus and believe in something.

In addition, because all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, you are always in control throughout your Hypnobabies experience.  The program cannot make you do anything you do not want to do.

Hypnobabies uses medical grade hypnosis techniques commonly used for people who are allergic to anesthesia undergoing surgery and guides you into a hypnosis state.  Then when you are deeply relaxed and susceptible to new ideas it floods your brain with positive messages about pregnancy and birth.  Hypnobabies reframes your view of birth.  Birth is natural.  You are built to birth in comfort and ease.  You will birth without complications. What we believe is what becomes true.

Hypnobabies and Pregnancy

Hypnobabies provides women with the tools to have a healthy, positive pregnancy that leads into a healthy, positive birth.  It reminds women birth does not just happen to us.  We are not passive victims in the process.  In fact, we were built to do this.  The course guides you through a total of 16 different audio hypnosis tracks.  Each audio track provides you with tools to enter self-hypnosis through deep relaxation, while flooding your mind with positivity about birth.

I began the Hypnobabies course when I was 28 weeks pregnant.  My pregnancy before starting the course had gone well.  However, I just reached the uncomfortable stage of pregnancy.  My lower back hurt constantly and I struggled to go for the long walks I had done routinely.

So, I eagerly began the course.  Not knowing what to expect, I sunk into a comfy chair, put my headphones on, and played the first track.  The next thing I knew I was “waking up” as the track finished.  I felt the most relaxed I ever had in my life!

In addition to the self-hypnosis tracks, I listened to the daily pregnancy affirmation track.  This track filled me with positivity about my body and my pregnancy.  I started my work day every morning listening to the affirmation track during my morning commute (the pregnancy affirmations is the only track you can listen to while driving). After listening to affirmation after affirmation, I began each work day calm, relaxed, and happy.  Just plain happy.  I knew I was in control of my pregnancy. hypnobabies affirmations

One week into the home study course, Hypnobabies changed my mentality so much my pregnancy pains disappeared.  The course taught me what I focus on is what I bring to life.  Before, I focused on my discomfort.  So, I changed my mentality.  I told my self I was healthy and strong, and I became healthy and strong.

Hypnobabies Home Study Workbook and Classes

Hypnobabies Workbook

Along with the self-hypnosis tracks, Hypnobabies provides you with a home study workbook.  This study book takes you through a class each week.  Each home study class teaches you valuable information about pregnancy and birth, so you actually understand what is happening with your body.

The classes also provide you with information on each hypnosis track, so you can get the most out of each one. On top of all that it also has lessons you can complete with your birth partner, so the two of you can be on the same page during birth. You may also check to see if there are any Hypnobabies classes in your area.  Most major cities offer Hypnobabies classes guided by Hypnobabies certified instructors.

These classes are a great way for you and your partner to be completely immersed in the process.  However, if you are unable to attend a physical Hypnobabies class, do not worry, you will still be completely prepared by completing the home study course.  I did not attend a physical Hypnobabies class, but still had great success with the program.

Hypnobabies and Birth

Hypnobabies became my favorite time of day.  I looked forward to my nightly hypnosis sessions.  I ended each session so relaxed, I felt as though I woke up from a full-night sleep. Armed with relaxation techniques, I no longer stressed about giving birth.

In fact, I looked forward to birth. So, when my water broke at 12:15am on my due date, I excitedly began playing my birthing day affirmations.  The relaxation techniques I learned from Hypnobabies coupled with the birthing day affirmations allowed me to stay calm through each phase and contraction.

I remained so calm, in fact, I was able to fall asleep between contractions.  I’m not talking about early labor contractions either. No, I was able to fall asleep in the minute between active labor contractions.  Some women master the art of hypnobirth so much they claim to not experience any pain during birth.  Though, that was not the case for me, the pain I did experience was very manageable.

My calm, hypnosis techniques allowed me to successfully move around during labor to find positions that worked well for me. Overall, my entire labor only lasted a short ten hours (24 hours is the average length for a first labor) without the need for any medical intervention.  I even survived a transfer in an ambulance while pushing because I had the tools to stay calm, relaxed, and focused.  Read my post My Natural, Non-Medicated Birth for more details.

What if You Don’t Plan on Having a Natural Birth?  Should You Still Use Hypnobabies?

Yes!  Hypnobabies is for every woman. As, I mentioned earlier Hypnobabies not only got me through birth, but it also got me through pregnancy.  The hypnosis techniques led me to have a very successful and comfortable pregnancy. Also, no matter the method you choose to give birth, you most likely have some sort of fear and anxiety surrounding it.  This fear and anxiety can negatively impact the outcome of your birth.  Hypnobabies will eliminate that fear and anxiety, putting you in the best possible position for birth.

This All Sounds So Good, but What’s the Downside?

The main downside to Hypnobabies is that it can be a little “out-there.”  In order for Hypnobabies to work you must be all in from the beginning.  To be all in, you must be open-minded.  Hypnobabies and hypnosis is proven to work, but some may have a hard time buying in.  Doubt is the easiest way to derail Hypnobabies.  If you are a very black and white person you may struggle with Hypnobabies.

Also, Hypnobabies home study course can look a little pricey.  For the classic hardcopy (which is what I have) it costs $179.95.  Or you can purchase the digital version for $155.95.  I debated for a long time when I was pregnant about whether or not to buy the course, but let me tell you, I am so thankful I did!

$179.95 may seem like a good chunk of money, but if you plan of going the non-medicate route it’s no where near the cost of an epidural (even with insurance).  Or if you do plan to use pain-medication, Hypnobabies can lower your chances of complications that could lead to costly interventions.  In the end, I truly believe it’s worth the cost.

Plus, they are having a sale right now on both the hardcopy and digital courses! So, they are less expensive than what I previously mentioned. Check it out!

Conclusion, Every Woman Needs Hypnobabies

Despite the fact Hypnobabies is a little out there and requires an open mind (and that may not even be a problem for you), it’s definitely worth it.  I one hundred percent believe I would not have had the birth I did if it were not for the tools I learned from the Hypnobabies home study course.

So, if you plan on a natural birth or a conventional birth, please check out Hypnobabies!  I promise you will be so glad you had these relaxation tools in your arsenal.  At the very least click around the Hypnobabies website and read about it for yourself!

Or if you would like to read some more reviews from other women who have used it, Hypnobabies is also sold on Amazon and has 151 customer reviews, so read for yourself!

Have you tried Hypnobabies?  If so, let me know your experience!

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  2. I loved Hypnobabies! My experience was similar to yours (my water broke at 2am on my due date and my labor was about 12 hours long). I haven’t told many people about Hypnobabies, but I should. I had an almost painfree birth (although it was still exhausting!). I didn’t listen to the birth day tracks, but I randomly came up with this technique to count. I don’t think it was something that was included in the Hypnobabies training, but it was just what I needed. I wasn’t counting to any particular number and I didn’t remember the numbers from wave to wave, but it was just something that I focused on so that I could relax. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for sharing! Yes, so exhausting! I remember wondering how women make it with longer labors.

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