The Eco-Friendly Mom’s Guide to Disposable Diapers

eco-friendly mom's guide to disposable diapers

Wait… I thought eco-friendly moms are all about cloth diapers?  Can disposable diapers be eco-friendly?

Well… yes they can!

In an ideal world we would all use cloth diapers.  But let’s be honest… we don’t live in an ideal world.

I would love to cloth diaper, but as a full-time working mom my time is precious, and I choose to focus it elsewhere.

However, I still want to reduce my baby’s carbon footprint and give her bum the best.

Luckily for us, plenty of companies make eco-friendly diapers, including, Babyganics, Earth’s Best, Honest Co, Parasol Co, and Seventh Generation.


eco-friendly disposable diapers

baby eco-friendly diaper

When deciding what disposable diapers to use, you need to decide what is important to you.

For me I want…

  • diapers made from renewable plant-based resources.
  • no animal products or by-products.  Certified cruelty-free even better.
  • chlorine free pulp
  • free from latex, perfume, and dyes
  • transparency about ingredients

I’ve tried all the diaper companies above, and though they all will work in a pinch, some I like better than others.

My thoughts and opinions:

Babyganics Ultra Absorbent Diapers


I use Babyganics more than any other diaper brand.


  • super absorbent! This diaper can hold some liquid!
  • website is very informative about their values, standards, and process in selecting ingredients and making their products.
  • run a lot less expensive than the eco-friendly diapers
  • free from latex, chlorine, and petroleum-based lotions and fragrances
  • core made with plant-based materials
  • less expensive than other eco-friendly brands, average cost per diaper 0.23 cents
  • Amazon Subscribe & Save availability


  • A little on the thicker side
  • They use their own NeoNurish Seed Oil Blend of tomato, sunflower, cranberry, black cumin and raspberry seed oils.  It does not bother my daughter, but I’ve read some reviews it may cause an allergic reaction for some babies.


I love these diapers.  As I mentioned above, I use these the most.  They are the most affordable out of the eco-friendly diapers, while outperforming some of the more expensive brands.  For the eco-friendly mom on a budget, I highly suggest Babyganics.


Earth’s Best Chlorine-Free Diapers


  • latex free, dye free, and perfume free
  • made from renewable plant-based materials, such as corn and wheat
  • made from non-chlorine bleached materials
  • absorbent
  • Amazon Subscribe & Save availability
  • less expensive than other eco-friendly brands, average cost per diaper= 0.25 cents


  • the exterior felt too much like plastic to me
  • on the stiffer side

Overall: These are good diapers.  If I were given a box, I would use them.  However, I don’t seek these out to buy.  The exterior feels too much like plastic, and I found them to be a little on the stiffer side when putting them on my baby.

The Honest Company – Eco-Friendly and Premium Disposable Diapers

honest co diapers

  • tons of cute prints
  • no latex, chlorine, bleach, synthetic fragrances or lotions
  • core made with fluff pulp from sustainably managed forests
  • Amazon Subscribe & Save availability
  • can subscribe to a diaper bundle on their website
  • offers a free trial box, just pay shipping


  • expensive, average cost per diaper= 0.30 cents
  • I found they did not stay fastened well
  • Honest Co has come under fire recently for some of their products testing positive for ingredients they claim to avoid

Overall: To be honest (pun intended), these are my least favorite of the eco-friendly brands.  Though they are incredibly cute, their functionality is lacking.  We have experienced the most blowouts with these, and on more than one occasion the diaper has come undone while my daughter was wearing it.  To me they are not worth the price.

However, I have a friend who loves these diapers.  She has used only Honest diapers for both of her kids, and has only positive things to say about them.

Parasol Plush Baby DiaperPros:

  • cute designs
  • super soft
  • can subscribe to a diaper bundle on their website
  • the most transparent company about their ingredients
  • certified by everything
  • offers a free trial, just pay shipping

parasol co


  • expensive, average cost per diaper= 0.40 cents
  • ill-fitting, not true to size: sizes 1 and 2 run small, sizes 3 and 4 run large

Overall: I want to love these diapers so much.  They are so cute, I love the company, but the sizing just didn’t work out for us.  If they were more true to size I would consider using them more.

Seventh Generation Baby DiapersPros:

  • thin but super absorbent
  • high-waisted
  • free from fragrance, lotions, and chlorine
  • very transparent about ingredients on website
  • offers plain brown diapers or designs
  • Amazon Subscribe & Save availability

seventh generation diapers


  • expensive, average price per diaper= 0.40 cents

Overall: These are my absolute favorite diapers! If they were a little less expensive or if I could find better deals on them, I would use them all the time.  They are thin, but absorbent, and go high enough up the waist to help prevent blowouts.


If you are like me and try really hard to make the best choice when possible, but just can’t do cloth diapering, choose the next best thing.

And don’t feel guilty!  Remember, you’re a rockstar.

If you’ve used other eco-friendly diapers comment below your thoughts.  I would love to hear them!

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