10 Items Every Breastfeeding, Working Mom Needs On Her Baby Registry

breastfeeding working mom baby registry

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Successfully pumping at work requires some thought and preparation.  If you plan on being a working mama make sure to add these items to your registry.  Trust me if you don’t receive them as gifts you will end up buying them for yourself!

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breastfeeding working mom

10 items every breastfeeding, working mom needs:


1) Medela Spare Pump Parts

I received my free Medela Pump through insurance and naively thought I was set.  Little did I know about replacing membranes and valves.  And how beneficial it is to have multiples of parts because you are constantly cleaning them.



2) “Pumparoo” for Breast Pump Parts

If you plan to work outside of your home as a breastfeeding mom you will need to carry your pump and all its parts with you.

For sanitary purposes you don’t want to just throw all your parts into your big bag.  This pumping bag allows you to keep your pumping parts separated from everything else.

It is water-resistant and comes with a staging mat which is helpful when setting up your pump and breaking down the pieces.

3) Breastmilk Cooler with Ice Pack

I really didn’t think through this pumping at work thing.  I got to work on my first day back from maternity leave, and had no way to keep my milk cold throughout the day.

If you are pumping at work you need a way to keep your milk fresh.  This cooler locks in the cold, and the ice pack is designed to fit around milk bottles or storage bags.



4) Bamboobies Washable Reusable Nursing Pads


These were clutch during the first few months of breastfeeding.

During those days your boobs are still figuring out how much milk to produce, and a lot of the time they become engorged, leading to leaking.  I leaked a lot, especially at night, those first few months.

These nursing pads saved me a lot of embarrassment when I was six weeks postpartum and interviewing for a new position.  My interview lasted SIX HOURS!

I was too nervous to tell them I probably needed to pump, so I just let my boobs get rock solid.  At the end of the day my Bamboobies soaked up everything, saving me from an embarrassing first impression.

The thin design of Bamboobies allows them to be discreet and comfortable inside your bra.  I would often forget I was wearing them.  They are also machine washable and eco-friendly, my favorite things!



 5) Sarah Wells Lizzy Breast Pump Bag

Carrying your pump back and forth from work is annoying.  What’s even more annoying is not having a bag that fits your pump, all its supplies, and your other working items.

For the first two months after going back to work I was the biggest bag lady.  I carried a bag for my pump, a bag for my computer, and the cooler for my milk because it didn’t fit into my other bags.  Now with the pump bag I look like I have my life together.

6) Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags

I try to use my bottles and reusable milk storage containers as much as possible.  However, these are great to keep in your bag just in case.



7) Lifefactory Glass BottlesLifefactory Glass Bottles

I only use glass bottles for a couple of reasons.

First, chemicals terrify me.  Even though BPA is banned from all baby bottles, BPS is not.  To learn more about the harmful effects of BPA and BPS check out this informative video from my favorite medical doctor, Dr. Michael Greger.

Second, I try to cut down on plastic and be environmentally friendly as possible in every aspect of my life.

Lifefactory is my favorite brand of glass bottles because they already come with protected silicone sleeves which make them acceptable for daycare.  Glass bottles tend to be more expensive than plastic, and having to buy silicone sleeves to cover them makes them even more so.

Additionally, I use Avent Glass Bottles.  However, these you have to buy silicone sleeves separately.  I like Avent because my daughter took to them right away, and they have a lot of attachment parts as you will see below.

 8) Avent Hand Pump 

I recently discovered the magic of a hand pump.  I read a lot about them, but never really invested any energy into the idea.

I first used a hand pump when I found myself visiting my parents states away from where I live.  I flew all the way to Seattle, remembered my pump and bottles and everything, but forgot the power cord that makes my pump run.

Luckily for me, my close friend allowed me to borrow her hand pump for the week (btw… we properly sanitized it).  Thank goodness too, because my husband and I had tickets to the Monday night Seahawks game, and we did not want to miss it!

A hand pump expands your opportunities when it comes to pumping.  You can more easily pump while your baby is feeding on the other boob.  I can’t believe, now, I was trying to pump with my electric pump while feeding my baby.  Soooo much more difficult.

A hand pump also allows you to pump while driving, so you can take advantage of your morning and evening commutes!

I ordered an Avent Hand Pump because it fits the bottles I use, and I can pump straight into them, but I also suggest the Medela Hand Pump.  That’s the one I used the week of Thanksgiving and loved it!


9) Medela Quick Clean Bags

medela quick clean bag

This bags are a lifesaver!  Honestly, the worst thing about pumping is cleaning ALL THE PARTS…. ALL THE TIME.

I hate cleaning the parts.  These bags allow you to clean and sanitize your parts in minutes!  You throw your parts into the bag, add 2 ounces of water, and pop them in the microwave.

Each bag is reusable up to 20 times.  For me they are totally worth it.  I’m actually steaming some parts as I type.


10) Traditional Medicinals Organic Mother’s Milk Tea


You can absolutely produce enough milk on your own. But… if you would like something just in case, this tea promotes a healthy milk supply.



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Are you a breastfeeding, working mom?  If so, comment below what items you have found to be the most useful.

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