4 Amazon Services Every Working Mom Needs in Her Life

4 Amazon Services Every Working Mom Needs in Her Life

4 Amazon Services Every Working Mom Needs in Her Life

I love Amazon.  Actually, that may be an understatement.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Amazon.

Easily 75 percent of my shopping is completed on Amazon.  Amazon not only has everything from A to Z, but they have amazing programs and services that make life as a full-time working mom manageable, giving me more time to spend with my family.

First things first, if you do not have an Amazon Prime account you need to get one!  Amazon Prime provides two-day shipping on most items, and same-day free delivery on other qualifying items.  Owning an Amazon Prime account also gives you access to countless services that cut down time spent on tedious tasks.  Click on my affiliate link to try Amazon Prime Free for 30 Days Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial.

Once you have registered for an Amazon Prime account a whole new world opens up to you.  Here are some services you need to be taking advantage of:

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Amazon Subscribe & Save

I’m relatively new to the Subscribe & Save game.  I knew it existed and people told me I should use it, but I just never did.  Finally, four months ago I decided I should test it out, and let me tell you… it is AMAZING!

Subscribe & Save allows you to choose household items and non-perishable foods to have delivered to you on a set schedule (every month, every two months, etc.).  On top of that, you automatically receive a five percent discount on any item you purchase through Subscribe & Save.  Plus, if you have five or more items coming in your monthly box, the discount increases from five percent to 15 percent.  And, they have tons of coupons for all the items in the Subscribe & Save store allowing you to save even more money!

Like most women and moms, I do all meal prepping, planning, and cooking (my dad literally does all the cooking between him and my mom, so I understand men do these things as well).

However, statistically, women own this area.  As much as I love grocery shopping (I actually really do), I just don’t have the same amount of time to devote to it like I once did.  Our weekends are precious, and I rather spend my time doing something meaningful with my family.

That’s where Subscribe & Save really shines.  I have set non-perishable food items that we use all the time shipped to me monthly.  They arrive in bulk, so they last me until my next box arrives.

Also, I often forget about those household items that are never fun to buy like toilet paper, paper towels, toothpaste, garbage and recycling bags, laundry detergent, and so on until we run out midweek, forcing me to make a trip to the store I don’t have time for.  Now, with Subscribe & Save I have those items set to ship to me every few months, so I never have to remember to buy them again.

Since utilizing Subscribe & Save, I now spend way less time grocery shopping because the only items I really need to buy each week are fresh produce and other perishables.

Take a look at some things I received in my October box:

  • Oatmeal
  • KIND Granola Bars
  • K-Cups for my Keurig
  • Tea
  • PEDIGREE DENTASTIX for the dog
  • Quinoa
  • Toilet Paper
  • Laundry detergent
  • Garbage bags
  • Recycling bags

This is only a partial list.  Every month a big box filled with all my items for that month arrives on my doorstep.  I can never go back to not having Subscribe & Save.

Amazon Family

amazon family

Amazon Family is similar to Subscribe & Save. You must have a child to have an Amazon Family account. However, It is really easy to verify you have a child. You just put in your child’s birthday and viola you have an Amazon Family account.

With an Amazon Family account you receive 20 percent off baby related items such as diapers versus the 15 percent on non-baby items.  Subscribing to diapers with Amazon not only saves you money, but is a good way to build a stockpile.

Just like the all the coupons in the Subscribe & Save store, Amazon Family has tons of coupons as well.  I try to buy natural, more eco-friendly diapers whenever possible.  The drawback, however, is they tend to be more expensive.

By using my 20 percent off with the Amazon Family account, plus an additional 25 percent off coupon, I received an economy package of 160 Babyganics Ultra Absorbent Diapers, Size 4 for a total of $23.98. That equals out to .15 cents a diaper! That’s killer! Normally, they cost about .30 cents a diaper.

Amazon Fresh

milk supply eat

Amazon recently started their Fresh program after acquiring Whole Foods.  Right now it is only available in select cities.  If you live in a city with AmazonFresh availability you literally never need to step foot in another grocery store.

Amazon Fresh allows you to shop fresh produce, meats, seafood, and other items.  Once you pick out your groceries, you choose when you would like them delivered.  They may be delivered as early as the same day or next morning.

As of now, Amazon Fresh does not deliver in my area.  However, you bet I will check it out once it does!


Amazon Home Services

Amazon home services

Like Amazon Fresh, Home Services is not offered everywhere.  Luckily for me, it is offered where I live.

I would love to be the mom who has it all together.  The mom that has fresh-baked muffins daily.  The working mom with the always clean house, and dinner on the table every night at 6:30pm.  But I’m not.

Our house is in a constant state of mess, and I get the most basic dinners on the table four nights a week.

A few weeks before our daughter was born we made the decision to out-source our home cleaning, and it has made all the difference.  Amazon offers many home services from cleaning to basic handyman services and everything in-between.  Utilizing the cleaning service once a month keeps me sane, and makes me look like a mom who can do it all.

There’s nothing like the feeling of walking into a clean house after a day at work.  What’s better is knowing I didn’t have to lift one finger or waste any of my precious time doing so.

My husband and I continue to say each time will be the last time we will use the cleaning service because we will keep the house clean ourselves.  But let’s be real, that never happens.  Our intentions are always good, but then life happens, and before you know it our house is dirty again.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done, Try Amazon Home Services.  Chances are they offer a service you can out source to take something off your plate.

Take advantage of these four services and you will find life doesn’t have to be stressful.  You can do it all, and by you I mean other people.


So, if you’re a busy mom I urge you to look into these awesome Amazon Services.  And if you’re not a Prime Member take the leap!  I promise it’s so worth it!  At least try it free for 30 days! Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial


Do you already use Amazon Prime services?  If so, what are your favorite aspects?




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