10 Top-Rated Floral Maternity Dresses on Amazon Just in Time For Spring!

10 Floral Maternity Dresses

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Spring is just around the corner (thank goodness).  I’m not a big fan of winter.  Unless it’s Christmas or snowing (I live in the South), I’m ready for it to be warm again.  I enjoy being outside, and winter really locks you away indoors.

So, as I’m trapped inside dreaming of a warm beach somewhere and waiting for the sun to make a glorious return, I’ll plan out my maternity wardrobe for when it does.

Dresses are my favorite article of clothing to wear while pregnant, especially when the weather is warmer.  They are easy to throw on, lightweight, and require little thought.  One piece of clothing and my outfit is complete?  Yes, please.

I am so excited floral is in style.  Floral provides a feeling of femininity and elegance that no other pattern can.

Below are 10 beautiful floral maternity dresses that will have you and your bump feeling beautiful this Spring, and guess what… they are all on Amazon and Prime eligible.

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10 floral maternity dresses

1) Mother Bee Women’s Cowl Neck and Over The Shoulder Maternity Dress

mother bee floral maxi maternity dress

I love Mother Bee.  When I search for maternity dresses on Amazon it’s one of the first brands I look for.  Their dresses are great quality and always super cute.  It’s an Amazon brand I know I can trust every time.

This floral maxi dress is rated 4 (out of 5) stars and costs $35.99.  I love the maxi dress look.  Especially while pregnant.  It provides so much comfort while still looking put-together and stylish.  This dress comes in 18 different floral colors!

It’s been reviewed on Amazon 1,168 times.  Most women purchased this dress for maternity photo sessions and loved that the dress came just how it was pictured.  Another top compliment for the dress is that the material is soft and comfortable.

Personally, I love the long sleeves.  I’m a sucker for anything long-sleeved, especially dresses.  Still deciding if this dress is right for you read the reviews for this dress yourself!


2) Mother Bee Women’s Strapless Ruched Maxi Tube Maternity Dress

Mother Bee Strapless Maternity Dress

Another Mother Bee maternity dress, because when you’re searching for top rated maternity dresses on Amazon they jump right up!

This beautiful, strapless maxi dress has been review 81 times on Amazon and has earned a 4.6 star ranking and costs $24.99.  84% percent say the dress fits as expected.  The top positive review claims it’s a great dress for taller women and a “must have” for all pregnant women.  The material is soft and comfy.  But the best part?  This dress has pockets!

However, the top critical reviews for this dress have to do with fit, but that’s only five out of the 81 reviews.  Read the reviews for yourself and see if it’s a great dress for you!  It’s definitely a top contender for a spring baby shower!

3) Liu & Qu Maternity Floral Print Half Sleeve Side Pleated Bodycon Dress

Floral Maternity Dress

I love three-quarter length sleeves!  This dress has been reviewed 17 times and received 4.5 stars and only costs $19.99!  It’s tailored to slim and accentuate the waist, and comes in three different floral colors.  It’s the perfect dress for those warm spring days.


4) My Bump Women’s Cold Shoulder Fitted Maternity Dress With Side Ruched

Pink Floral Maternity Dress

Next on the list is this beautiful and stylish cold shoulder maternity dress.  The things I love about the cold shoulder look, is it gives you the breathability of a tank or halter style, but still has sleeves (I like sleeves if you haven’t caught on).  It’s been reviewed 15 times and has been rated 4.5 stars and costs $28.99.

80% of the women who reviewed say the dress fits true to size, and several comment on the how comfortable the lightweight fabric is.  Plus, in addition to the 20 different floral colors the dress comes in several other designs.


5) My Bump Women’s Ruffle Off-Shoulder Maternity Dress

off the shoulder maternity dress

This beautiful dress provides some flair with the off-the-shoulder look and added ruffle, and sometimes while pregnant you need a little flair to remind yourself you still look great!

It has only been reviewed one time on Amazon, but that reviewer gave it 5 stars and made it a recommendation for all pregnant women.  In addition to the gorgeous blue shown above, it comes in 23 other color options and costs $29.99.



6) My Bump Women’s Side Bow Tie Pattern Cap Sleeve Maternity Dress

Cap Sleeve Floral Maternity Dress

If you guessed the first thing I would mention about this dress is the cap sleeves, you are right!  I think my obsession and love affair for sleeves came once I entered the workforce.  So many dresses of all kinds come only in a sleeveless option.  Sleeveless dresses just aren’t always acceptable in the workplace or it’s just too plain cold to wear them.  So, if it’s sleeveless you have to think about adding a sweater or blazer, and I’m just not that great with styling.  For me, the fewer articles of clothing I have to wear the better.  That’s why I love finding a great dress with some sort of sleeve.

This dress has been reviewed 13 times, and 11 women gave it 5 stars.   After reading the two four star reviews I’m not exactly sure why they docked the dress a star.  Read the four star reviews:

4.0 out of 5 stars: I’d buy it again!
on December 20, 2017
Size: Medium|Color: Navy Flower|Verified Purchase
I wear a size 8 so I ordered a medium. Fits great! It’s stretchy and comfortable. I wasn’t sure I liked the fabric at first but after wearing it I appreciated the stretchy fabric.
4.0 out of 5 starsSuper Cute style
on September 25, 2017
Size: Small|Color: Grey/Coral/Burgundy Hy|Verified Purchase
Bought for my daughter, she loved it. Nice fit, she normally wears size small.

That’s most negative you will read about this dress.  It comes in a plethora (way too many to count) of colors and costs $35.99.

88% of the 13 reviewers say this dress fits as expected, and the side bow tie gives it a little something extra than just a plain bodycon dress.


7) LaClef Flower Print V-Neck 3/4 Sleeve Baby Shower Front Tie Wrap Maternity Dress

wrap maternity dress

I love flowy dresses.  It’s nice to mix it up from all the form-fitting dresses I wear.  This v-neck wrap dress is also great for postpartum and is easily accessible for breastfeeding.  It’s been reviewed on Amazon 88 times and has received a 4 star rating and costs $36.99.  Top compliments include the quality of the fabric and it’s extremely comfortable.

Check out all the color options for this dress!

8) Bhome Maternity Bodycon Dress Sleeves Ruched Sides Knee Length Shirred Dress

White Floral Maternity Dress

Though it is nice to mix it up once in a while with flowy dresses, I still love a flattering form-fitting one.  I love how this dress is an off-white.  After 51 reviews it’s rated 4 stars and only costs $19.99!

A great feature about this dress is the wide neck without the low neckline.


9) LaClef Women’s Floral Print Draped 3/4 Sleeve Long Maxi Maternity Dress

Green Floral Maternity Dress

A wrap style maxi dress with three-quarter length sleeves?  I’m in love!  This dress looks so classy, and you know it’s also extremely comfortable.  53 reviewers have given this dress a 4.4 star ranking, and the word “perfect” in reference to this dress appears frequently.

Check out the reviews to see the uploaded pictures of women who have purchased the dress.  It looks great on every body type!


10) My Bump Women’s Maternity Fitted Bell Sleeve Dress

Floral Maternity Dress

First of all, doesn’t this model low-key look like Taylor Swift?  Second, check out those bell sleeves!  I like when a standard dress has just a little flair (or should I say flare?), and those sleeves provide it!

This dress costs $29.99 and has received 4.7 star rating!  It’s perfect for those early Spring days when we’re still dusting off the cold and darkness of winter and need a little pop of color.


Hopefully, this list has supplied you with some inspiration for your Spring bump style!  Let me know what floral dresses you’ll be rocking in your bump in!

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